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Introducing a CBCT / Panoral

referral service in Cambridge.

Refer your patients to us at DentalCT  in Cambridge for your 3D CBCT or 2D Panoral radiographic needs, whether it be for implant planning, oral surgery or visualization of fine root canal system.

We have invested in the latest,  Planmeca ProMax 3D - Classic machine which boasts MARS ( metal artifact reduction sequence)

and ASTRA ( anatomically structured reconstruction algorithm ) software as well as complying with ALARA in keeping radiation dosages as low for your patients as possible without sacrificing diagnostic image quality.

Advanced technology:

  • Ideal resolutions and patient dose levels that always comply with the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) principle
  • Optimal volume size and location for every clinical need
  • Special imaging protocols for dental and ENT applications

Effortless use:

  • Effortless patient positioning and unmatched comfort
  • True all-in-one X-ray units not only for 3D imaging, but 2D panoramic imaging
  • Easy to use for a smooth workflow
  • Planmeca Romexis® software
  • Mac OS and Windows support


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